Layout Designer Interview Questions

Layout Designer Interview Questions

July 29th, 2020

Layout designers manipulate text and images to create a pleasant reading experience for readers on printed pages and digital media. They work with graphic designers to create a visually striking layout with a natural flow.

When interviewing layout designers, look for candidates with experience in graphic design and natural artistic abilities. Avoid candidates with poor communication skills and those with limited experience using digital design software.

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Interview Questions for Layout Designers:

1. What made you want to work as a layout designer?

Reveals the candidate's natural skills and artistic abilities.

2. What techniques do you use to create a natural flow on a page?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of design and principals.

3. How do you deal with a graphic design team that opposes your layout ideas?

Demonstrates the candidate's communication skills.

4. What graphic design software do you prefer using and why?

Reveals knowledge of design software and highlights possible gaps in knowledge.

5. What design project are you most proud of?

Reveals work experience and highlights industry skills.

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