Laboratory Manager Interview Questions

Laboratory Manager Interview Questions

October 1st, 2020

A laboratory manager is responsible for managing the everyday operations of a lab. The laboratory manager ensures that all materials are ordered, that samples are handled correctly, and that lab time is allocated adequately.

A good laboratory manager has excellent managerial skills as well as in-depth knowledge of health and safety protocols. Be wary of candidates with limited lab experience and those who struggle with time management.

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Interview Questions for Laboratory Managers:

1. What safety procedures do you follow if a sample spills on the ground?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of health and safety regulations in a lab.

2. What experience do you have with laboratory information systems?

Reveals the candidate’s experience working with laboratory information systems.

3. How do you handle hazardous gas?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of laboratory processes.

4. How do you ensure that lab time is allocated fairly?

Tests the candidate's ability to manage lab time slots.

5. How do you maintain multiple records in a lab?

This illustrates the candidate’s organizational ability.

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