Interpreter Interview Questions


May 16th, 2019

An Interpreter acts as a medium between speakers where language barriers exist. Interpreters interpret spoken words from one language to another. Top applicants are knowledgeable, articulate and professional. Avoid vague, confused applicants.

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Interpreter Interview Questions

1. Do you have the ability to adjust to speakers with diverse voices speaking rapidly at times?

The applicant's answer will display their skills as an Interpreter.

2. Could you give me examples from past experience where you demonstrated the ability to concentrate for extended periods?

Listen carefully. At times Interpreters have to translate monotonous communications for extended periods. The candidate needs to convince you they can proficiently handle this aspect of the position.

3. Are you impartial in your role as an Interpreter, and why would you say so?

Being an Interpreter is a responsible position. The potential hire needs to display the ability to treat all parties fairly, and to desist from altering communications.

4. Could you give me a detailed list of communication barriers in interpreting, and how do you overcome these?

The prospective hire’s answer will share their awareness of potential challenges, and their problem-solving skills.

5. Are you comfortable with interpreting vulgarity, profanity and unpleasant information, and why?

Working as an Interpreter requires interpretation and translation of a wide range of communications, which at times may be offensive to their sensibilities. The prospective hire needs to show the ability to overcome this challenge.

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