Information Architect Interview Questions

Information Architect Interview Questions

January 12th, 2021

Information architects configure, design, and enhance the presentation of information and content on websites, applications, and print media. They complement the user experience (UX) of readers and site visitors through the thoughtful application of design and layout principles to content, writing, and information.

When interviewing information architects, successful candidates will indicate thorough research abilities as well as an ability to view content delivery from a consumer perspective. Be wary of candidates who don't exhibit creative thinking abilities, are unsure about web design, or who have poor grammatical skills.

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Interview Questions for Information Architects:

1. What questions would you ask a client or business prior to designing information architecture for their website?

Demonstrates the candidate's client-facing abilities and knowledge of design processes.

2. How would you deal with negative feedback from a user experience market research group?

Reveals the candidate's professionalism and design strategies.

3. What core principles do you apply in your layout and template designs?

Describes the candidate's approach to designing information architecture.

4. What are the challenges you face in transferring paper-based information architecture to digital platforms?

Explains the candidate's knowledge of pertinent industry-related topics.

5. How would you design a website to funnel clicks and sales to a specific product?

Demonstrates the candidate's abilities as an information architect.

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