Technical Designer Interview Questions

Technical Designer Interview Questions

September 4th, 2020

Technical designers lend their expertise to the fashion industry where they work with design teams. Working closely with designers and manufacturers, technical designers ensure that finished products adhere to established specifications.

When interviewing technical designers, look for candidates who demonstrate keen attention to detail, and great problem-solving and patternmaking skills. Avoid candidates who struggle to work in a team or have poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Technical Designers:

1. What challenges do you foresee working as part of a remote design team?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of and experience with remote work.

Demonstrates the candidate's level of experience and exposure to the relevant software.

3. Describe a time when you fixed a design problem. What happened?

Tests the candidate's analytical skills, design knowledge, and their ability to learn from past experiences.

4. After inspecting a prototype, you realize the product will need a complete redesign. How do you proceed?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to make tough decisions and to communicate with key stakeholders.

5. Can you explain how you would go about developing quality control standards?

Tests the candidate's planning and organization skills.

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