Housing Specialist Interview Questions

Housing Specialist Interview Questions

May 22nd, 2019

Housing specialists assess individuals' and families' eligibility for housing programs and support them in the process of securing affordable housing.

The most suitable candidate will demonstrate excellent people skills and a passion for empowering others to solve their problems. Avoid candidates who lack organizational and negotiation skills.

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Interview Questions for Housing Specialists:

1. How do you handle clients with whom communication is difficult due to a language barrier?

This reveals the candidate's ability to be patient when dealing with difficult situations.

2. Can you describe an experience when you had to negotiate the terms of an agreement?

This will show the candidate's negotiation skills.

3. How do you set boundaries between yourself and your clients to allow them to gain confidence and skills?

This demonstrates the candidate's ability to provide support and at the same time enable clients to deal with problems.

4. What organizations and agencies have you worked with or for in this field?

This reveals the candidate's work experience.

5. How would you describe your organizational abilities?

This shows the candidate's ability to manage multiple cases.

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