Hospital Scribe Interview Questions

Hospital Scribe Interview Questions

July 13th, 2020

Otherwise known as Medical Scribes, Hospital Scribes record medical visits and procedures on the Physician's behalf. They also perform clerical duties, such as preparing referral letters, booking appointments, and managing electronic health record (EHR) systems.

When interviewing Hospital Scribes, look for candidates who demonstrate excellent typing, language, and communication skills. Be wary of candidates who lack an understanding of medical terminology and experience with medical record software.

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Interview Questions for Hospital Scribes:

1. What do you do to improve your language ability regarding medical terminology?

Illustrates candidates' familiarity with medical terminology as well as their dedication to their work.

2. What would you do if a patient vomited on you while you were with the Physician?

Demonstrates candidates' ability to handle difficult situations and remain discreet and tactful while working with Physicians.

3. How would you react if a Physician noticed a mistake in your records?

Shows candidates' ability to handle criticism and follow instructions, as well as their collaboration skills.

4. What process do you use when scribing medical records?

Demonstrates candidates' understanding of the role and their work experience.

5. What would you do to help a nervous patient feel calm and comfortable?

Shows candidates' interpersonal skills and bedside manner.

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