Medical Records Technician Interview Questions

Medical Records Technician Interview Questions

April 29th, 2020

Medical Records Technicians convert written and spoken information provided by medical professionals into electronic healthcare records. Their duties include categorizing conditions, treatments, and diagnoses, applying standard healthcare codes to medical record entries, and ensuring the protection of patient information.

When interviewing Medical Records Technicians, look for candidates who demonstrate experience in using electronic health record management software and current knowledge of healthcare codes. Be wary of candidates with poor organizational skills and those who lack attention to detail.

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Interview Questions for Medical Records Technicians:

1. How would you explain what CPT codes are to members of the public?

Demonstrates the candidates' experience and the extent of their knowledge of Current Procedural Terminology codes.

2. In your experience, which CPT codes do medical insurers typically refuse to pay?

Evaluates the candidates' knowledge of codes medical insurance companies might not be willing to pay and reveals their experience in dealing with queries.

3. Can you tell me what ICD code sets are, and name the version currently in use?

Reveals the candidate's knowledge of the International Classification of Diseases code set used for reporting diseases and health conditions, namely the ICD-10.

4. Tell me about your steps to create complete and accurate medical records?

Assesses the candidates' experience in creating medical records, as well as revealing potential weaknesses.

5. Which medical records management software do you find the most useful? Why?

Highlights the candidates' experience with electronic health record management systems.

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