Home Health Aide Interview Questions

Home Health Aide Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2020

Home Health Aides provide in-home care for client by assisting them with cooking and housekeeping, maintaining their personal hygiene, and helping with basic medical needs. Strong candidates will be caring, attentive, and responsible. Avoid candidates who seem indecisive or lack medical training.

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Interview Questions for Home Health Aides

1. Describe the level of care you have provided and task you’ve done for other clients. Do you specialize in any conditions, ages, etc?

Supports job knowledge.

2. How would you handle an emergency situation? Provide examples, if able.

Tests ability to handle stress.

3. Explain how you handle working with demanding clients or family members.

Tests interpersonal skills.

4. You suspect a client is being neglected by family members/your coworkers. How do you handle this?

Shows integrity.

5. Describe your most challenging/rewarding client or case. What did you learn?

Reveals more about work history.

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