Companion Interview Questions

Companion Interview Questions

Companions cook, clean, and care for the sick, elderly, or patients who are in recovery after injury or surgery. Successful candidates will be sympathetic and responsible. Avoid disorganized or disinterested applicants.

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Interview Questions for Companions

1. Describe your caregiving experience. What conditions and age groups have you worked with?

Provide insight into applicant’s background.

2. If a patient was in a bad mood, what would you do to motivate him/her to take medicine, exercise, etc?

Shows candidate can keep patient engaged.

3. How well do you work under tense situations? Provide examples using your experience as a caregiver.

Demonstrates ability to handle stress.

4. Describe the daily tasks you expect to perform as a companion. Are there any tasks you’re uncomfortable with performing?

Reveals job expectations.

5. How would you cater to the emotional needs of your patient?

Shows emotional intelligence.

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