Patient Sitter Interview Questions

Patient Sitter Interview Questions

July 23rd, 2019

Patient Sitters, also known as Hospital Sitters, are non-medical personnel who provide supervision, companionship and emotional support to patients.

When interviewing Patient Sitter applicants, look for candidates who have strong listening and communication abilities. Be wary of candidates who do not function well under pressure, as there will be occasions when they must act swiftly and calmly during critical situations.

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Interview Questions for Patient Sitters:

1. What would you do if a patient's vital signs became critical, and you knew the medical procedure to fix them?

Tests the candidate's ability to refrain from performing prohibited tasks that are not within their scope of duties.

2. A patient talks about confidential information they want kept secret from their spouse. Do you tell them?

Tests the candidate's discretion, and adherence to patient confidentiality.

3. Why do you think you can deal with suicidal patients?

Tests the candidate's emotional intelligence, sensitivity, and resilience.

4. Have you had experience providing companionship to dying patients?

Tests the candidate's experience, and their ability to emotionally support people in critical situations.

5. What changes in the patient's condition would you look out for?

Tests the candidate's observational abilities.

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