High School English Teacher Job Description

High School English Teacher Job Description

October 15th, 2019

High School English Teachers teach students about literature, essay composition, and how to use language in powerful ways. They work in public or private schools teaching classic novels, plays, and poetry to students and helping them analyze a variety of texts. High School English Teachers may also prepare students to write their college essays.

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High School English Teacher Job Description Template

We are searching for a reliable, trustworthy High School English Teacher to join our school. The High School English Teacher’s responsibilities include planning lessons and developing curricula, reading and understanding all prescribed texts, offering academic support to students, and ensuring a safe learning environment. You should also be able to juggle multiple deadlines, liaise with a number of professionals, and respond well to criticism.

To be successful as a High School English Teacher, you should be resilient, hardworking, and able to work under pressure. Outstanding candidates are constantly searching for ways to improve reading culture and student engagement.

High School English Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Reading all prescribed novels, poetry, and additional resources to gain a thorough understanding of them before developing lesson plans and curricula.
  • Collaborating with other English department staff to develop lesson plans, teaching strategies, and interventions.
  • Preparing students for formal and informal assessments.
  • Grading tests, pop quizzes, assignments, exams, and other assessments, and communicating with parents, students, teachers, and counselors regarding underperformance and other concerns.
  • Organizing guest speakers, literary events, and field trips.
  • Keeping abreast of current events and incorporating these events and themes into lessons to make them more relevant to students.
  • Ensuring all curriculum, school, and state requirements are met.
  • Assessing student needs and providing support or extra resources to struggling students as well as exceptional achievers.
  • Using technology to improve lesson delivery and recordkeeping.
  • Expanding teacher networks and participating in workshops, lectures, and other learning opportunities.

High School English Teacher Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Literature, or a similar discipline.
  • Master’s degree preferred.
  • Relevant certification or license may be required.
  • A completed apprenticeship or teaching experience is recommended.
  • A strong interest in literature and language.
  • Compassion, understanding, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to multitask in a high-stress environment.
  • Willingness to work long hours.
  • Resilience and the ability to work with others.

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