Art Teacher Interview Questions

Art Teacher Interview Questions

August 6th, 2019

Art Teachers equip students in primary and secondary schools with the techniques needed to draw, color, and paint. Most Art Teachers also provide instruction on art history.

When Interviewing Art Teachers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate the ability to formulate creative lessons that encourage self-expression. Be wary of candidates who are inflexible and lack communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Art Teachers:

1. How would you plan a lesson?

Demonstrates work experience, as well as organizational and time management abilities.

2. How would you respond to a student who claimed that they were not artistic?

Highlights pedagogical approach and interpersonal skills.

3. Can you describe how you facilitated the development of your most talented student?

Reveals work experience and technical abilities.

4. What would you do if a student consistently produced content of a dark nature?

Tests interpersonal skills.

5. Why is art an important aspect of curricula?

Shows an understanding of relevance.

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