Geneticist Interview Questions

Pediatric Geneticist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Geneticists are biologists who study genes. Geneticists work in healthcare, educational and research settings. Ideal applicants can collaborate effectively with team members and work independently, and have the ability to prioritize duties. Avoid sullen, apathetic candidates.

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Geneticist Interview Questions

1. How does epigenetics validify or contradict Lamarckism and Darwinism respectively?

The applicant's answer will demonstrate their knowledge as a Geneticist.

2. Could you explain circadian clock genes as you would to a non-scientific person?

Listen carefully. A Geneticist needs to express their research and findings to non-technical audiences and stakeholders, which will be challenging if they experience difficulty in communicating effectively.

3. What is your experience with assessing and improving disease and gene panels?

The candidate's answer will display their proficiency in a laboratory setting, and give you an indication of their skills and abilities.

4. Could you give me an example from past experience where you dealt effectively with a challenging person?

Geneticists can’t succeed if they are unable to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders. Listen for the prospective hire to illuminate their people skills.

5. What has your greatest success as a Geneticist been?

The candidate's answer will give you more insight into their capabilities and skills.

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