Elementary School Teacher

Elementary School Teacher

May 16th, 2019

An Elementary School Teacher educates children. Depending on the region, an Elementary School Teacher educates students from kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. Ideal candidates are very organized, yet patient and kind. Avoid harsh, sullen applicants.

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Elementary School Teacher Interview Questions

1. Do you have the ability to present interesting and fun lessons, and why would you say so?

Besides being informative, lessons for elementary school students need to be presented in an age-appropriate manner. Listen for the applicant to show the ability to do so.

2. Could you give me examples from your previous position where you demonstrated the ability to identify outside problems in your students?

The candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to recognize when students are experiencing problems outside of school that are troubling them.

3. How would you deal with a parent who is in denial and refuses to address behavioral issues in their child?

The answer to this question will show the applicant's problem-solving and people skills.

4. How do you identify bullying, and how do you address this challenge?

Bullying can be subtle and difficult to detect. The potential hire needs to reveal the ability to deal with this issue adequately.

5. How do you encourage introverted students to participate in group activities?

The prospective hire will demonstrate their ability to cater to the needs of diverse students in their answer.

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