Educational Consultant Interview Questions

Educational Consultant Interview Questions

July 8th, 2020

Educational Consultants are employed by educational consulting firms or work as independent contractors, providing advice and guidance to teaching professionals and support staff at schools and tertiary institutions.

When interviewing Educational Consultants, look for candidates who are passionate about education and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. Avoid candidates with caustic personalities and those who do not work well with others.

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Interview Questions for Educational Consultants:

1. What do you regard as your greatest achievement in education so far, and why?

Reveals motivations and level of experience.

2. A teacher blames a few students for a class’s poor GPA. How do you respond?

Tests methods and diagnostic techniques.

3. Which aspects of a curriculum would you say are most difficult to alter, and why?

Shows knowledge about curriculum structures and how changes to these can impact staff, students, and resources.

4. Describe a time when your suggestions were not well received. What happened?

Examines problem-solving and communication skills. May also reveal negotiation abilities.

5. A teacher makes a mistake while teaching and you’re in the room. What do you do?

Assesses compassion and the ability to deliver feedback appropriately.

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