Curriculum Designer Job Description

Curriculum Designer Job Description

October 15th, 2019

Also called Instructional Coordinators, Curriculum Designers work with teachers, organizations, and clients to create and implement educational programs. They can work in schools, offices, universities and other organizations, and may require specialized subject knowledge and skills. They also create appropriate learning materials.

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Curriculum Designer Job Description Template

We are searching for a detail-oriented Curriculum Designer to join our company. The Curriculum Designer’s responsibilities include creating detailed, engaging curriculums and quality resources, liaising with subject experts, outlining objectives, and providing feasible timeframes. You should be passionate about learning and aware of how digital technology has reshaped education.

To be successful as a Curriculum Designer, you should understand how the learning process works and be prepared to collaborate with a wide range of professionals. Outstanding candidates have strong project management abilities, and excellent technical writing, research, and communication skills.

Curriculum Designer Responsibilities:

  • Conducting research and collaborating with educators, subject experts, policymakers, and other professionals to develop quality curricula and learning resources.
  • Establishing feasible timeframes to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the curriculum.
  • Creating stimulating lesson plans and recommending interesting additional resources.
  • Developing a range of digital resources to optimize classroom learning and ensure ongoing learning outside of formal settings.
  • Creating supplementary teacher and student guides, as well as resource packs.
  • Expanding networks of curriculum designers, educators, and other professionals.
  • Collecting feedback from students, teachers, and clients.
  • Monitoring student progress and making relevant changes to curriculums.
  • Collaborating with other writers, graphic designers, and web designers to create new learning resources.
  • Setting up tests, exams, and other formal and informal assessments to gauge the effectiveness of curriculums.

Curriculum Designer Requirements:

  • Degree in Education, or a related discipline.
  • Master’s degree preferable.
  • Additional courses in Instructional Design.
  • Strong digital and research skills.
  • Excellent collaboration, and written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great networking and interpersonal abilities.
  • Strong planning skills, vision, and creative intelligence.
  • A passion for education.

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