Direct Support Professional Interview Questions

Direct Support Professional

May 16th, 2019

A Direct Support Professional cares for people with disabilities, guides them to independence and works to integrate them into their communities. Top candidates are compassionate and organized with strong leadership skills. Avoid harsh candidates or those with traits of codependence.

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Direct Support Professional Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience where you guided individuals toward independence?

A Direct Support Professional is responsible for taking care of the needs of others in a balanced manner that encourages their independence. The candidate needs to display this ability.

2. Are you prone to over-helping others, and why would you say so?

Over-helping others could be a sign of codependence. Listen for the candidate to convince you they don’t have these traits.

3. Would you be able to assist with the personal care routines of adults, and why?

A Direct Care Professional assists individuals with hygiene and medical routines. The potential hire needs to show they are comfortable doing so.

4. Do you have the ability to treat others with patience, and could you tell me where you have displayed this quality?

Listen for the applicant to share their this attribute.

5. What are the three most important lessons you have learned from interacting with individuals with disabilities?

The applicant has to express a connection to the experiences and realities of people with disabilities in their answer.

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