Deputy Sheriff Interview Questions

Deputy Sheriff Interview Questions

February 14th, 2020

A Deputy Sheriff is responsible for enforcing laws and maintaining law and order in a specific county. A Deputy Sheriff searches for and arrests suspected criminals. Ideal candidates are morally upstanding, and physically, mentally and emotionally resilient. Avoid sensitive, timid candidates.

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Deputy Sheriff Interview Questions

1. What would you say the Deputy Sheriff position entails?

The candidate's response will show the candidate's expectation of the position. Proceed cautiously with candidates with unrealistic expectations to avoid disillusionment and subsequent feelings of negativity.

2. How have you dealt with challenges in past situations?

Listen carefully. The candidate's ability to deal appropriately with challenging situations is of paramount importance in the position of Deputy Sheriff.

3. Would you describe yourself as a person of high integrity, and why?

The potential hire has to demonstrate integrity to fill this position.

4. How would you maintain and safely store your firearm?

The candidate needs to demonstrate prudence in maintaining government property. The potential hire would have to take responsibility for other government property as well, such as a patrol vehicle.

5. Are you brave, and why would you say so?

At times, a Deputy Sheriff needs to demonstrate bravery in the face of serious physical threats. It is important for the potential hire to show an understanding of bravery, and the demonstrate the ability to act on it.

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