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Deputy Sheriff Job Description Template

We are looking for an upstanding deputy sheriff to protect the citizens and property of our county. The deputy sheriff will patrol the county and highways, investigate crimes, and arrest suspected criminals where necessary. You will assist citizens and properties in danger, escort detainees to and from court proceedings, and prepare and keep records. You will collaborate with municipal, state, and federal officers.

To be successful in this role, you need to read situations swiftly and make judicious on-the-spot decisions. Ideal candidates will treat the public firmly but courteously, be undeterred by physical threats, and have the ability to understand and follow complex directions.

Deputy Sheriff Responsibilities:

  • Patrolling highways and county with radio-equipped county vehicle.
  • Operating radio, telephone, and other communications devices to respond to complaints and other calls.
  • Assisting citizens or properties under threat.
  • Assisting at accident scenes and guarding disaster areas.
  • Detecting, investigating, and deterring criminal activities.
  • Apprehending criminal and traffic law offenders.
  • Transporting and escorting detainees to and from the court, and involuntary psychiatric commitments to healthcare facilities.
  • Maintaining courtroom peace and security.
  • Serving court documents and attaching property.
  • Reporting to higher-ranking officers to report on assignments, and to ask for assistance and advice.

Deputy Sheriff Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or appropriate equivalent.
  • Valid driver's license, equivalent to a non-commercial Class C, at the time of appointment.
  • Completion of an entry-level police training program during the first year of employment.
  • Completion of a background investigation, fingerprint and polygraph examination, psychological investigation, and drug test to establish whether the candidate is of good moral character and emotionally stable.
  • Completion of physical and medical examination.
  • Completion of written entry and physical agility examination.
  • Available to work with little or no notice.
  • Available to work shifts, over weekends, on public holidays, and during inclement weather.
  • Familiar with the geography of the county.
  • Proficient in using and maintaining a firearm.

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