Criminal Investigator Interview Questions

Criminal Investigator Interview Questions

February 14th, 2020

Also known as detectives and private investigators, Criminal Investigators work with law enforcement agencies, individuals, and businesses to investigate crimes in an effort to secure convictions. Successful candidates are highly analytical, organized, and have experience in law enforcement. Avoid those who lack appropriate training and experience.

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Interview Questions for Criminal Investigators

1. Can you tell me about your training and background as a criminal investigator?

Reveals work history and expertise.

2. What is your case success rate?

Reveals work style and dedication to securing prosecutions.

3. What was your most challenging investigation?

Demonstrates critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and ability to handle stress.

4. Can you describe the proper evidence collection techniques employed by criminal investigators?

Shows knowledge of proper handling and preservation of evidence.

5. What qualities make you a good criminal investigator?

Reveals strengths and knowledge of role.

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