Corporate Recruiter Interview Questions

Corporate Recruiter Interview Questions

July 21st, 2020

Corporate Recruiters ensure that vacancies at companies are filled with the most qualified professionals. They are constantly improving hiring strategies; use a range of skills and technology to source, interview, and vet potential employees; and build invaluable networks with other talent acquisition personnel.

When interviewing Corporate Recruiters, look for candidates who are highly motivated, have a keen eye for talent, and demonstrate excellent observational skills. Avoid candidates who lack objectivity and struggle to build professional relationships.

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Interview Questions for Corporate Recruiters:

1. What do you pay close attention to when conducting an online interview?

Reveals level of experience with online interviews and may also test knowledge of interview software.

2. How would you go about setting up a booth at a virtual career fair?

Assesses knowledge of virtual career fair platforms and also tests planning and organizational skills.

3. What kind of talent management software do you use regularly?

Tests working knowledge of software and tools used in the recruitment process.

4. What aspects of corporate recruiting do you find most gratifying?

Reveals motivation(s) and areas of interest. May also provide insight into the candidate's strengths.

5. How can tell you tell if someone is lying during an interview?

Examines observational skills and knowledge of human psychology.

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