Virtual Recruiter Interview Questions

Virtual Recruiter Interview Questions

September 4th, 2019

Virtual Recruiters are responsible for sourcing, screening, shortlisting, testing, and conducting interviews with new hires. Virtual Recruiters should be tech-savvy, confident, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills. They are typically remote contractors or Managers looking to streamline the recruitment process.

When interviewing Virtual Recruiters, the best candidates will demonstrate sound knowledge of recruitment techniques, and be comfortable using technology and online platforms. Be wary of candidates who appear unmotivated and lack confidence.

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Interview Questions for Virtual Recruiters:

1. How would you increase the size of the pool of candidates for a particular job?

Tests recruitment strategies and management skills.

2. What, in your opinion, makes a good job description?

Tests skill level in writing job descriptions and also reveals level of experience.

3. Can you describe how you would conduct a background check?

Tests screening abilities and familiarity with online platforms.

4. Can you describe a time when you streamlined a recruitment process?

Demonstrates commitment to excellence and improved efficiency.

5. What is the most advanced skill you have developed in your career?

Demonstrates level of expertise and highlights potential weaknesses.

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