Hiring Manager Interview Questions

Hiring Manager Interview Questions

February 24th, 2020

Hiring Managers ensure that vacancies within their teams are filled by suitable incumbents. These professionals are also responsible for evaluating and retaining new hires.

When interviewing Hiring Managers, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate outstanding research and communication skills. Be wary of candidates who lack knowledge about prevailing trends in the job market, as well as retention strategies.

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Interview Questions for Hiring Managers:

1. What traits should every successful candidate possess?

Demonstrates hiring expertise and alignment with the company's values.

2. Could you discuss your least successful hire?

Highlights reflexivity.

3. What would you do if the best candidate for a position lacked certain technical skills?

Tests analytical and problem-solving skills, including the willingness to develop capacity in others.

4. How would you ensure that a new hire acclimatized to the company?

Assesses teamwork, communication, and mentorship skills.

5. What is your retention rate thus far?

Shows hiring experience.

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