Technical Recruiter Interview Questions

Technical Recruiter Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Technical Recruiters work to find and hire IT specialists for a variety of technical positions. Technical Recruiters will write job descriptions, screen applicants, and offer job positions to successful applicants.

When interviewing Technical Recruiters, look for candidates who show strong decision-making skills as well as a working knowledge of technology and technical skills. Avoid candidates who demonstrate a lack of organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Technical Recruiters:

1. Can you describe the technical skills necessary for an applicant of a software engineer position?

Demonstrates the candidates' knowledge of technical skills.

2. How would you document, compile and present a list of the best applicants to the hiring manager?

Look for candidates who demonstrate good organizational skills. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate a lack of decision-making skills.

3. Which platforms are best suited to sourcing IT specialists?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of recruitment platforms, specific to IT.

4. What would you do if you disagreed with a hiring manager about the requirements for a particular job?

Look for candidates who demonstrate strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Take note of candidates who do not stand by their ideas.

5. What would you put in the job description for a computer programmer?

Demonstrates the candidates' experience of writing job descriptions. Take note of candidates who only list requirements rather than providing a full description.

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