Recruiter Interview Questions

Web Development Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Recruiters are responsible for filling a company's hiring needs through developing job descriptions, attracting candidates and conducting interviews. Recruiters are also known as Technical Recruiters and Human Resources Specialists.

When interviewing Recruiters, look for candidates who demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills. Be aware of candidates who demonstrate a lack of current knowledge on recruitment legislation and use of databases.

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Interview Questions for Recruiters:

1. What kind of questions should you ask when conducting a telephone interview?

Demonstrates knowledge of different interview techniques. Look for candidates who show good communication skills and creative thinking.

2. What qualities, experience and knowledge would you look for in a candidate when hiring for a position such as (for example) a technical call center operative?

Look for candidates who demonstrate a knowledge of the specific job requirements. Be aware of candidates who only provide general requirements, such as "good verbal skills."

3. How would you resolve a dispute between an employee and a department manager?

Look for candidates who ask questions and demonstrate objectivity and the ability to problem solve to the advantage of all parties and, ultimately, the company.

4. How would you choose the most suitable candidate between two applicants with similar education, experience and skill sets?

Demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as descision making ability.

5. What do you think are the best resources for sourcing applicants for job openings?

Look for candidates who show initiative in hiring, rather than only waiting for applicants to answer job postings, and who demonstrate a working knowledge of HR resources and databases.

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