Chief Strategy Officer Interview Questions

Chief Strategy Officer

May 16th, 2019

A Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) leads and drives a company's strategic direction. Ideal candidates are able to interpret ambiguity, have strong quantitative analytical skills and are proficient multitaskers. Avoid lethargic candidates with poor people skills.

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Chief Strategy Officer Interview Questions

1. How did you establish a clear definition of your role in previous positions?

A Chief Strategy Officer's (CSO) role is not clearly defined at times. The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to establish a clear understanding of their role.

2. Which growth opportunities did you identify in your previous position?

The candidate’s answer will display their ability to grow a company.

3. How did you implement growth opportunities in your previous position?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to display the ability to identify growth opportunities and to implement these as well.

4. Do you have strong people skills, and how did it benefit your objectives in past experience?

The candidate needs to have outstanding people skills and needs to demonstrate how this attribute benefited them in growing a company in past experience.

5. Did you implement divestments in your previous position, and how did you go about it?

The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to implement divestments to optimize the growth of your company.

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