CFO Interview Questions

Cfo Interview Questions

Last updated October 31st, 2017

The CFO plans and manages an organization’s financial activities and is responsible for financial reporting. Successful candidates will be analytical, organized, and accountable. Avoid candidates who lack communication or accounting skills.

Interview Questions for CFOs

1. Describe the most successful financial strategy you’ve implemented. What impact did it have?

Reveals more about work history.

2. What goes into your risk/opportunity assessment process? How do you know what is worthwhile?

Demonstrates planning skills.

3. As you set objectives and develop strategies, what information do you consider? What role do other department team members play in the process?

Demonstrates accounting and teamwork skills.

4. The board wants to make a risky financial move. How would you handle this situation?

Tests communication skills.

5. How do you encourage ethical behavior in others? Provide examples.

Shows responsibility.

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