COO Interview Questions

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May 16th, 2019

A COO is the operational leader of a business. A COO plans, drives and oversees the company's operations and initiatives. Ideal candidates are resourceful, outcome-oriented and visionary. Avoid arrogant candidates with poor listening skills.

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COO Interview Questions

1. Could you suggest marketing strategies for our company?

The answer to this question will give you an understanding of the potential hire's understanding of your company’s niche marketing requirements, as well as the potential hire’s marketing acumen.

2. How would you prevent theft, stock losses and damage to equipment in our company?

Your candidate's answer will demonstrate the ability to prevent losses in your company.

3. Could you give me examples of—and reasons for—changing vendors in the previous company you worked for?

The answer to this questions will give you insight into the candidate's ability to take practical steps to assert a company's budgetary and quality values. You don’t want suitable suppliers changed due to petty reasons, but you also don’t want to hold on to suppliers who have a negative impact on your company's profits and standards.

4. How would you describe our company’s culture?

The potential hire’s answer will show understanding of your company’s culture, and demonstrate the potential hire's intuitive abilities.

5. Could you give me examples of how you developed employees in the past?

The candidate’s answer will give you insight into the candidate's ability to develop and grow your employees.

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