Executive Director Interview Questions

Executive Director Interview Questions

April 6th, 2020

Also known as Chief Executive Officers or Executive Managers, Executive Directors are tasked with creating business plans, supervising operational activities, designing organizational philosophy, coaching heads of departments, reporting on revenue, and guiding organizational strategy.

The ideal candidate must possess a positive attitude, excellent communication skills, methodical and strategic thinking abilities, and extensive knowledge of budgeting processes. Be wary of candidates with poor knowledge of business operations, poor personal presentation, or who are unable to articulate clearly and effectively.

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Executive Director Interview Questions

1. Assuming you know a little bit about our organization, what changes would you prioritize?

Look for candidates that are ready to lead and have good business knowledge. Also, candidates should demonstrate strategic thinking abilities.

2. What tools and insights do you bring into your budgeting process?

Look for candidates that understand comprehensive budgeting and budget monitoring techniques.

3. How would you handle a manager that doesn't agree with your suggested organizational strategy?

Look for candidates that highlight the importance of asking questions, demonstrate active listening, and have good problem solving and conflict resolution skills. Also, candidates should be able to influence staff.

4. What strategies and plans have you developed and directed in the past, and what were the outcomes?

Look for candidates that are results and goal oriented. Also, candidates should demonstrate a good track record and work experience.

5. How do you handle an under-performing employee?

Look for candidates that have a holistic approach to staff performance. Good Executive Directors understand that performance is influenced by more than just possessing a skill set to execute a task. Also, candidates should demonstrate motivational abilities.

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