Cashier Interview Questions

Cashier Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Cashiers scan and collect payments for items and assist customers by explaining or recommending items, answering questions, and processing exchanges or refunds. Strong candidates will be polite, accurate, and efficient. Avoid candidates who lack customer service skills.

Interview Questions for Cashiers

1. Tell about a time when you satisfied an angry customer.

Demonstrates ability to diffuse dissatisfied customers.

2. Describe the typical duties of cashier. How do they enhance the customer experience?

Shows understanding of the role.

3. If we were short staffed on a busy day, how would you manage your line?

Displays stress handling and customer service skills.

4. How would you handle a customer pressuring you to go against store policy?

Shows willingness to follow procedure.

5. Describe your experience with processing transactions.

Demonstrates basic math and computer skills.

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