Deli Clerk Interview Questions

Deli Clerk Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Deli Clerks cut, weigh, package, and price meats and cheeses and assist customers at deli counters. Successful applicants will be courteous and focused on providing excellent customer service. Avoid candidates who lack interpersonal or communication skills.

Interview Questions for Deli Clerks

1. If a customer asked for a recommendation, how you would decide which products to suggest?

Demonstrates listening skills and job knowledge.

2. What would you do to improve current deli displays and signage?

Shows preparedness and creativity.

3. If the deli was short staffed on a busy day, how would you manage the line?

Demonstrates customer service skills.

4. Tell about a time when you were able to satisfy an angry customer.

Shows defuse tense situations.

5. What tasks do you expect to perform on an average day?

Reveals candidate’s duty expectation.

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