Baker Interview Questions

Baker Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Bakers measure and mix raw ingredients, bake and decorate items, and develop recipes for baked goods. Successful candidates will be skilled, creative bakes with a passion for quality and customer satisfaction. Avoid inattentive or inexperienced candidates.

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Interview Questions for Bakers

1. What goes into producing an even bake?

Demonstrates an understanding of heat and humidity.

2. How do you defuse tense situations between yourself and coworkers? Customers?

Reveals how the candidate handles stress and tense situations.

3. What duties do you expect to perform on a daily basis? How would you manage them?

Shows ability to multitask.

4. Have you ever developed or improved a recipe? How did you do it and how did customers respond?

Demonstrates creativity.

5. Describe your most challenging baking project. How did you overcome it?

Shows possible weaknesses and problem-solving skills.

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