Business Operations Manager Interview Questions

Business Operations Manager

May 16th, 2019

A Business Operations Manager manages a company's business operations. Business Operation Managers put proficient operational and financial procedures in place. Top candidates will be strong leaders, be business-minded and have exceptional people skills. Avoid negative, lethargic candidates.

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Business Operations Manager Interview Questions

1. How have you managed positive relationships with vendors in previous positions?

The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to employ prudence in managing their relationship with vendors, to ensure high standards pertaining to stock.

2. Which marketing strategies did you initiate in past experience?

The candidate's answer will give you insight into their marketing capabilities and approaches.

3. How would you grow and motivate our staff?

The potential hire’s answer will give you an understanding of their vision for your employees.

4. How would you safeguard our company’s assets?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to display this ability that will maximize your company's profits.

5. Could you describe your previous companies' cultures?

The potential hire’s answer will demonstrate their experience working in various company cultures, as well as their ability to recognize and define these. This ability will help them to adapt to your company’s culture.

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