Bar Back Interview Questions

Bar Back Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Bar Backs support the Bartender and other staff members by assisting with with opening and closing duties, preparing and serving drinks, restocking necessary items, and making repairs. Successful candidates will be observant and efficient. Avoid inattentive or lethargic candidates.

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Interview Questions for Bar Backs

1. What is your experience with food and drink preparation? Provide specific examples.

Supports candidate’s work history.

2. Describe how to open and close our business. What tasks do you expect to perform?

Reveals job expectations.

3. Which of our current menu items is your favorite? How would you describe it to a customer?

Shows preparedness.

4. What is your favorite cocktail? How do you prepare it?

Demonstrates job knowledge.

5. How would you ensure the bar area runs smoothly during peak hours?

Shows understanding of the role.

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