Assistant Property Manager Interview Questions

Assistant Property Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Assistant Property Managers are responsible for the daily operations of property management. They handle resident relations, organize property viewings, interview prospective tenants and oversee the upkeep of properties.

A suitable candidate for the position will demonstrate excellent people management and organizational skills. Be wary of candidates with poor interpersonal skills.

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Interview Questions for Assistant Property Managers:

1. What experience have you gained in the property management or real estate industry?

This shows the candidate's work experience.

2. How do you organize and prioritize tasks for managing a portfolio of properties?

Reveals the candidate's organizational and time management skills.

3. Please give an example of how you go about attracting new tenants. Did you achieve the desired outcome?

Illustrates the candidate's ability to take initiative, as well as their creative thinking skills.

4. What method do you use to collect rent?

This shows the candidate's knowledge of property management regulations and previous training.

5. How do you deal with difficult tenants?

Reveals the candidate's interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.

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