Leasing Agent Interview Questions

Leasing Agent

May 16th, 2019

A Leasing Agent assists property owners to market and lease their properties, and functions as a landlord. Preferred applicants are driven, focused and knowledgeable. Avoid disorganized candidates with poor people skills.

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Leasing Agents Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience where you balanced the needs of property owners proficiently with those of tenants?

The applicant needs to display the ability to be unbiased in their negotiations between property owners and tenants. Even though Leasing Agents need to keep owners satisfied to obtain rental property stock, it is legally perilous to ignore the rights of tenants.

2. How do you educate and inform tenants in a diplomatic manner to maintain properties to prevent unnecessary expenses?

Maintenance expenses resulting from issues such as moisture damage and household pest infestations are largely preventable. Listen for the prospective hire to share the ability to educate tenants proficiently on avoiding these issues.

3. What are the processes to follow with slow-paying and non-paying tenants?

The answer to this question will demonstrate the candidate’s problem-solving and people skills, and their knowledge of applicable laws.

4. How would you deal with a property owner who refuses to invest in the maintenance of their property, and refuses to pay legitimate maintenance expenses?

This answer will further share the potential hire’s problem-solving skills and their knowledge of applicable laws.

5. Are you effective with marketing properties, and why would you say so?

To ensure company targets are met, the applicant has to show this ability.

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