Assistant Production Manager Job Description

Assistant Production Manager Job Description

March 19th, 2020

Assistant Production Managers are responsible for the planning and execution of production processes. They monitor quality standards and costs, and provide administrative support. Their duties include procuring raw materials and equipment, appointing laborers, and liaizing with other departments.

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Assistant Production Manager Job Description Template

We are seeking an energetic, proactive Assistant Production Manager to streamline production under the supervision of our Production Manager. As an Assistant Production Manager, your duties will include assigning materials, equipment, and human resources to the production department, and overseeing quality control and costs. You may be requested to prepare production schedules.

To be successful in this role, you should demonstrate exceptional planning abilities, which would ultimately translate to high production rates. Outstanding Assistant Production Managers are excellent negotiators who act decisively when solving production issues.

Assistant Production Manager Responsibilities:

  • Reporting to the Production Manager.
  • Assisting the Production Manager with administrative tasks like production schedules and timesheets.
  • Appointing labor and purchasing stock toward the smooth running of the production process.
  • Preparing cost estimates for materials, equipment, and hiring laborers.
  • Overseeing quality control throughout the production process.
  • Ensuring that production is completed before deadlines.
  • Procuring and monitoring the efficiency of production equipment.
  • Updating the Production Manager on the status of projects.
  • Liaising and coordinating production with other departments.
  • Resolving labor disputes, where requested.

Assistant Production Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor's or Associate Degree, with course work in Production Management, Operations Management, or similar.
  • Previous experience working in a related industry preferred.
  • Ability to confidently and proactively supervise production teams.
  • Exceptional analytical ability toward solving production-related concerns.
  • Knowledge of procuring materials, equipment, and labor needed throughout the production process.
  • Proficiency in quality control, managing budgets, and production costing.
  • Competence with computer-based administration, record-keeping, and procurement systems.
  • Ability to work independently under the Production Manager, and as part of a production team.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills toward managing human resources and liaizing with other departments.
  • Availability to work extended hours to meet deadlines, when necessary.

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