Process Associate Job Description

Process Associate Job Description

September 18th, 2019

Process Associates monitor and improve production processes for manufacturing companies. In this role, they assess the effectiveness of existing process systems, maintain process equipment, detect material and machine defects, assess overall production quality, and compile process reports.

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Process Associate Job Description Template

We are looking to hire an experienced Process Associate to monitor and maintain our production processes. As a Process Associate, you will be required to analyze existing processes and advise on system upgrades, perform regular equipment maintenance, maintain inventory and supplies, ensure product quality, and compile process reports for the Production Manager.

To ensure success as a Process Associate, you should have in-depth knowledge of mechanical processes, advanced technical skills, and a keen eye for detail. Ultimately, a top-notch Process Associate ensures the smooth running of the company’s processes to improve production rates and reduce costs.

Process Associate Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing company processes for delays, obstructions, and weaknesses.
  • Advising on process upgrades to improve production rates and reduce costs.
  • Assessing process orders.
  • Servicing and maintaining production equipment.
  • Troubleshooting processing issues.
  • Maintaining machinery supply inventory.
  • Notifying Quality Assurance personnel of production flaws.
  • Ensuring production processes adhere to safety and quality regulations.
  • Ensuring production area is clear of obstructions and contaminants.
  • Creating production process reports.

Process Associate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Process Management or Engineering.
  • Previous experience as a Process Associate.
  • Advanced knowledge of process systems software.
  • Experience with process simulations.
  • High-level technical skills.
  • Advanced communication skills.
  • Analytical thinker.
  • Ability to lift and operate heavy equipment.
  • Advanced mechanical skills.

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