Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions

Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions

October 28th, 2020

Aircraft mechanics are trained professionals who specialize in the maintenance and repair of aircraft. Typically employed in the aviation and engineering industries, aircraft mechanics are detailed-oriented, extremely analytical, and have in-depth knowledge of structural and mechanical systems.

When interviewing aircraft mechanics, look for candidates with experience in aircraft maintenance checks and mechanical engineering. Avoid candidates who demonstrate limited communication and analytical skills, and those who lack dedication and interest in the field.

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Aircraft Mechanic Interview Questions:

1. What is your method for diagnosing a faulty aircraft?

Demonstrates candidates' diagnostic skills.

2. How do you ensure that all aircraft are maintained?

Highlights candidates' ability to schedule maintenance checks.

3. How do you determine the appropriate repair solution for structural damage?

Shows candidates' knowledge of structural systems and repair solutions.

4. How do you interpret maintenance manuals and service reports?

Highlights candidates' experience working with maintenance reports.

5. What type of tools do you use to determine the cause of a faulty hydraulic system?

Tests candidates' experience working with hydraulic systems.

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