Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions

July 3rd, 2020

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers perform scheduled maintenance and repairs on airliners, helicopters, propeller planes, and other flying craft. They typically handle dangerous chemicals and power tools and work in airfields, hangars, and repair stations.

When interviewing Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, look for candidates who demonstrate a calm and professional personality to be able to work under pressure as well as good time management skills. Avoid candidates who lack an exceptional working knowledge of aircraft frames and the related mechanical parts.

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Interview Questions for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers:

1. Can you describe the method you use to conduct a routine inspection?

Demonstrates candidates' job knowledge as well as how they work.

2. What methods would you use to ensure completed work meets FAA standards?

Illustrates candidates' work experience and knowledge of FAA requirements.

3. What test equipment would you use to test the operation of the hydraulic units?

Shows candidates' industry and equipment knowledge.

4. How do you maintain your calm knowing the consequences of making a mistake?

Demonstrates candidates' understanding of the consequences of failing to perform the job and their ability to work under pressure.

5. Describe a time when you had to adapt to an increasing workload. What did you do?

Illustrates candidates' time management skills and ability to work under pressure.

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