Aerospace Engineer Interview Questions

Aerospace Engineer Interview Questions

June 3rd, 2019

Aerospace Engineers work in the design and testing of aircraft and spacecraft, and are also known as Aeronautical Engineers and Astronautical Engineers, respectively. Aerospace Engineers develop innovative designs, test materials and prototypes, investigate failures and damages, and improve the designs of commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft.

When interviewing Aerospace Engineers, look for candidates who demonstrate excellent mechanical, scientific, mathematical, and computer literacy skills. Take note of candidates who lack strong innovative, creative, technical, and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Aerospace Engineers:

1. Can you describe a project you have worked on and some innovations you have made?

Demonstrates candidates' experience and work history. Take note of candidates who lack experience, but provide possible innovations for future projects.

2. What methods would you use to overcome difficulties in a project?

Demonstrates candidates' problem-solving and analytical skills.

3. What basic tests would you perform when testing materials or prototypes before development?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge and critical-thinking skills.

4. Can you describe how you would present a report to other departments who may lack your technical skills?

Demonstrates candidates' communication, interpersonal, report writing, and presentation skills.

Demonstrates candidates' current knowledge and willingness to remain updated in the industry.

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