Activity Assistant Interview Questions

Activity Assistant Interview Questions

February 17th, 2020

Activities Assistants, or Activity Aides, plan and facilitate social and recreational events in a variety of environments, such as summer camps and retirement homes. Strong candidates will be motivated and caring. Avoid candidates who lack creativity and compassion for others.

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Interview Questions for Activities Assistants

1. Which of our current activities interests you most? What experience do you have with it?

Shows preparedness.

2. What would you do if there was an accident? Describe the steps you would take.

Demonstrates clear thinking under pressure.

3. Describe what goes into the event planning process. Use events you’ve been involved with to explain.

Reveals more about work expectations and experience.

4. What would you do to improve our current programs? Do you have ideas for new events?

Shows creativity.

5. How would you handle a logistics problem? Use real experiences to support your answer.

Demonstrates adaptability.

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