Teacher Aide Interview Questions

Teacher Aide Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Also known as Teacher Assistants, Teacher Aides provide support for teachers by assessing gaps in learning amongst students and bringing this to the teacher's attention.

When interviewing Teacher Aides a successful candidate will show interest in assisting teachers with the execution of their lesson by implementing their knowledge of best teaching practice. Be wary of candidates with low energy and poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Teacher Aides

1. You have to prepare the computer room before a lesson and presentation. What materials or equipment must you set up?

Highlights the candidate’s experience in a similar role.

2. If a student informs you that they have a problem understanding their work, what do you do?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of teaching methods.

3. In your opinion, what is the key to maintaining order in a classroom?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of disciplinary techniques.

4. How would you approach an emotional student?

Reveals the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

5. How would you assist a student with reading difficulties?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of various teaching methods and techniques.

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