Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

Teacher Assistant Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

A Teacher Assistant works under the supervision of a lead teacher and is responsible for providing students with additional support. Duties include supervising students, identifying issues, and revising lessons. They usually work in elementary schools or special education centers.

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Teacher Assistant Interview Questions:

1. How would you handle talkative students?

Tests the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

2. You have to prepare the computer room before a lesson and presentation. What materials or equipment must you set up?

Highlights the candidate’s experience in a similar role.

3. If a student informs you that they have a problem understanding their work, what do you do?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of teaching methods.

4. A student failed his/her class assignments and examinations. You have to inform his/her parents. How would you communicate this message?

Shows the candidate’s communication skills.

5. How would you assist a student with reading difficulties?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of various teaching methods and techniques.

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