Youth Pastor Interview Questions

Youth Pastor

May 16th, 2019

Youth Pastors works for churches where they oversee and provide services such as Bible study classes. A Youth Pastor leads middle and high school students. Ideal applicants are kind, mature and have outstanding leadership skills. Avoid harsh, disorganized applicants.

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Youth Pastor Interview Questions

1. How do you lead and encourage students to let their lights shine without fear of stigmatization?

Christianity and the Christian lifestyle is widely ridiculed, which is especially challenging for young people who by nature feel the need to fit in. The applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to guide students beyond this.

2. How would you lead students to develop a proficient understanding of the balance between God's grace and human accountability?

As much as God is love and full of mercy, He has high expectations of His children. Listen for the prospective hire to explain this give and take in relationships with the Creator effectively.

3. Could you give examples from past experience where you lead students effectively to understand the meaning of life and the concept of eternity?

Listen carefully. You want a Youth Pastor to lead students to start exploring deeper questions about human existence as they mature.

4. How would you guide the following students prudently; judgmental, arrogant and lethargic young people?

The prospective hire's answer will show their leadership skills.

5. Are you a healthy role model, and why would you say so?

Listen carefully for the prospective hire to convince you of their ability to lead by example.

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