Yard Jockey Interview Questions

Yard Jockey Interview Questions

October 10th, 2019

A Yard Jockey oversees the movement of equipment to facilitate the requirements of the warehouse to process materials needed for shipment or storage. The Yard Jockey is required to execute tasks in a timely manner, have thorough knowledge of inventory, and maintain vehicles.

When interviewing Yard Jockeys, the most suitable candidate should be physically fit, have good time management skills, and excellent eyesight. Avoid candidates who lack the ability to lift heavy loads and have poor organizational and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Yard Jockeys:

1. How do you maintain physical fitness to perform the physical activities required for this position?

Demonstrates ability to maintain physical fitness.

2. What experience do you have moving levers that operate lifting devices?

Reveals experience with moving equipment.

3. What is your approach to manually or mechanically loading and unloading materials from transport vehicles?

Demonstrates effective approach to loading and unloading equipment from vehicles.

4. What do you consider going the extra mile in this position?

Demonstrates candidate's willingness to do more than what is required in the position.

5. How do you ensure that your duties are completed in a timely manner?

Demonstrates ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently.

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