Longshoreman Interview Questions


May 16th, 2019

Longshoremen load and unload cargo to and from vessels in harbors. Ideal candidates are organized, industrious and physically fit. Avoid careless, apathetic candidates.

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Longshoreman Interview Questions

1. Could you give me examples from past experience that show your ability to be a logical thinker?

Listen carefully. It is essential for the prospective hire to demonstrate the ability to think logically to perform the duties of a Longshoreman.

2. Are you safety-minded, and why would you say so?

A careless Longshoreman puts their team, the cargo and themselves at risk. The candidate needs to convince you of their safety-mindedness.

3. Where did you prove yourself to be a fast worker in previous positions?

It is essential for a Longshoreman to work swiftly as it costly for a vessel to stay docked in a harbor. A lethargic Longshoreman will slow their team down.

4. Could you give me a comprehensive list of equipment you would need to load unload cargo for us, and how would you operate each of those?

The candidate's answer will give you an indication of their knowledge of applicable equipment to be effective as a Longshoreman.

5. Do you meet the physical requirements of the position, and why?

A Longshoreman needs to be physically fit, strong, agile and dexterous, and they need to be undeterred by heights, confined spaces and adverse climatic conditions. The potential hire needs to convince you of their physical abilities.

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