Web Designer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Web Designers design and improve websites by creating more engaging and visually pleasing elements and making the website more functional and user-friendly. Successful candidates will be creative, technical, and intuitive. Avoid candidates who lack visual design skills or cannot anticipate user needs.

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Interview Questions for Web Designers

1. Explain how you design websites. What information do you look at to determine needs/goals?

Reveals creative process.

2. Which design tools have you used? Discuss the projects you’ve completed.

Reveals more about experience.

3. Describe a time when a client responded negatively to your designs. How did you respond?

Shows receptiveness to feedback.

4. What was your most challenging design project? What made it difficult? How did you deal with it?

Tests stress handling.

5. How do you sell your designs to management or clients? How do you demonstrate the design’s value?

Demonstrates sales skills.

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