Information Security Analyst Interview Questions

Information Security Analyst Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2020

Information Security Analysts test, assess, and maintain the security systems and improve security measures in order to protect an organization’s computer network from cyber attacks. Strong candidates will be highly technical and analytical. Avoid those who lack problem solving or critical thinking skills.

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Interview Questions for Information Security Analysts

1. What are the biggest threats to information security? How do cyber attacks occur? How can they be prevented?

Tests job knowledge.

2. Have you ever worked for a company that had a data leak? How was it handled?

Reveal more about the experience.

3. How do you assess a company’s security needs? How do you fix common weaknesses?

Tests technical skills.

Shows industry awareness.

5. Describe a time that you discovered a security weakness. How did you find and fix it?

Demonstrates problem-solving skills.

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